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Our mission is to ensure the survival of the Ojibwe horses and to preserve the unique Anishinaabe heritage of partnership with them. These little horses once roamed free in Minnesota and northwestern Ontario, living in a symbiotic exchange of forage and winter labor with neighboring Anishinaabe bands.

Now there are fewer than two hundred living animals. Cars and snowmobiles made this unique horse-human partnership obsolete. Not many Ojibwe horses are born each year, keeping the breed always on the knife-edge of extinction.

At Grey Raven Ranch, we want to create a future for this horse. We want the Anishinaabe heritage of living and working with these horses to survive. And we invite you to get involved with us! Stop by, have a cup of coffee with us, and snuggle for a while with one of our little horses! You'll find it worth the trip!

Even if you can't stop by right now, there are ways that you can help. Our labor is all volunteer, but we still need to purchase hay, fencing and vet care for the horses. If you can, please do donate. Even the smallest amounts help us keep feet in good shape or buy some alfalfa treats!

Thank you, and please do get in touch! We'd love to meet you, and so would the horses!

William, Brandon and Gwiingwiishi

Justin and Babaaminizhikawaad


    Grey Raven Ranch is grateful to be sponsored by: 

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